Best Internet Poetry 1987 - 2000 and More

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I've been on the Internet since 1987 (UUCP "bolero"), and this was the first thing I did. Note that  postings are from computer departments (CS) on USENET because the Internet was not readily accessible back then - James Duncan

The Robin Raisers - Steve Michell 1990

Sunnyside Up - David Greene 1989

The Carnivore Song - Stephen Swann 1991

Lord of Avon - Tracy McCulloch 1989

Jareth - Tracy McCulloch 1989

Illicit Dreams - Tracy McCulloch 1987

Bard - Tracy McCulloch

Foster - Tracy McCulloch

Oscar With His Eyes Out - Tracy McCulloch

King - Doug Quarnstrom 1991

Single Perfect Rose - David Bedno 1990

Pirate - Unknown 1988

MEASURE - Carrie D. Van Esselstine 1989

Triangular Obsession - Jennifer Bakal 1989

If Wishes Were Horses - Brian Preble 1989

As Rain Falls in the Dust - James William Studt 1989

Venus Looks Coldly Over Her Shoulder - Jenniffer Lesh 1995

Alone, at Durham - Douglas Clark 1990


Thought - Jonathan Cornell 1996

wolfie - Zita Maria Evensen 1993

Lachrymals - David Wagoner 2000

My Dream - Rufus Buck 1896


Elegy - Thomas Chatterton 1769 (lived 1752-1770); poem registers the impact of light and movement in the Fall season

Any commercial use of the poetry without prior licensing arrangements with the authors is forbidden.  Poetry in header image is Omar Khayyam (died c.1133)  Rubaiyat, Stanza xix. 
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